Why Insulation?

Insulation is one of the most economical and cost effective way to lower your monthly energy consumption. Approximately 15 – 25% of your energy loss is through the ceilings of your home or business. Insulation will lower the thermal transfer of heat through the ceiling. The new minimum requirement for new home construction according to the U.S. Department of Energy for our region is R-30 – 60. The bottom line is insulation is a lasing investment will provide thermal protection for the life of the building.

12 Bravo Insulation Services

Foam Insulation Services

12 bravo Construction Companies LLC offers open and closed cell foam applications. Foam installation is more expensive than traditional insulation because it takes special equipment to install. However, there are many advantages to foam insulation if it is installed correctly. The major advantaged to foam insulation is that it is an excellent insulator and it eliminates air infiltration/ exfiltration 90% better than traditional insulation. In attics it reduces the heat picked up by your HVAC system and transferred into the home.

Blown- In & BAT Insulation Services

Traditional insulation is a cheaper alternative to Foam Insulation. However, this can dramatically reduce the heating and cooling load of your home. In most cases increasing the insulation in the attic to R38 can reduce the required HVAC cooling loads by up to a 1/2 ton of cooling. What does this mean? It means it requires less cooling to cool your home saving your money.

CertianTEED InsulSafe SP (white)

InsulSafe SP has excellent coverage and thermal resistant properties. This insulation will last the life of the house and reduce the energy demand and cost. This means that it will not settle, rot, or decay due to moisture in our region. InsulSafe SP is 30 – 35% recycled material and exceeds EPA Recovered Material Guideline for fiber glass products. 

GreenFiber (Cellulose)

GreenFiber is a cellulose insulation made from 85% recycled paper and treated to meet or exceed all fire codes. Cellulose has a higher R-Value compared to traditional fiber glass insulation and excellent for achieving maximum thermal transfer resistance. The only disadvantage to this product is that it creates dust and is not recommended for people with allergies.

What to watch out for!

1) Most important is to make sure your installer is insured. Attics can be tricky and the wrong step can cost you thousands if your installer is not insured. If a water pipe breaks during installation it can be devastating to a home.

2) Make sure that the installer actually measures the home. Some cases we can get accurate estimate by using satellite measurements. However, a good installer will measure the actual surface area that needs to be insulated.

3) Many contractors talk about removing the old insulation. This is not the case, just because your old insulation doesn’t look pretty doesn’t mean that it isn’t working. It is perfectly acceptable to install insulation over the existing insulation.

4) Make sure your quote includes the current depth of insulation and the proposed depth to achieve the desired R-Value. Some companies might short you on the actual installation depth if it is not in the original estimate.

We Got Your Six Warranty

At 12 Bravo Construction Companies LLC we take great pride in our work. Our warranties are simple, you do not need an attorney to read them because they didn’t write them. Insulation doesn’t usually fail. However, if for any reason there is a problem with you insulation. We will contact CertianTeed and if they cover it “We Got Your Six” for 10 years. The insulation warrantied doesn’t cover damaged insulation due to inadequate attic ventilation, or moisture damages due to storms, or water leaks.