Why CertainTeed?

First and foremost CertainTeed is a multi-billion dollar publicly traded company that has been around for over 150 years. My grand father was a home builder in Angleton, TX and used CertainTeed products. CertainTeed offers superior warranties and the only shingle manufacture that will replace roofs due to discoloration from algae. When protecting your investment CertainTeed pioneered and out performed in just about every laboratory testing available for shingles. We believe inCertainTeed so much that even if you don’t use us, at least make sure you use CertianTeed’s roofing systems.
  • 10 Year Sure Start None Prorated Warranty
  • 10 Year Streak Fighter Warranty
  • 15 Year 110 MPH wind warranty

Roofing & Weatherproofing

Roofing Repairs

Here at 12 Bravo Construction Companies LLC, we offer affordable roofing repairs with warranties. We have a repair first, replace last mentality. Were as most roofing companies want to replace your roof because its easier and there is more money in it. We are just as happy repairing your roof because we know little jobs lead too big jobs. Here is what we look at when we come to estimate you’re roofing repair.

  1. What type of damage and amount of damage.
  2. Can we make the repair due to shingle brittleness.
  3. Can we make a repair that will last

Roofing Replacements

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When it comes to roofing replacements there are two options available to you as a home owner. First is the Direct bid and the other is Insurance Restoration. The direct bid is a simple. We come out to get the measurements we need and the accessory count. We will go over what to expect during the project and collect the deposit. Once the roof is installed we will collect final payment and order all windstorm inspections as necessary.

The insurance restoration process is a little more complex and requires a little more experience because it has many moving parts. Sometimes there maybe things accidentally missed on a claim or it might not even qualify for a claim.  We will work hand-in-hand from the time the claim is filed until completion to ease the hassle of this process. If your insurance claim is denied you do not owe us one red cent.

Insurance Process

  1. We look at your roof to see if it warrants an insurance claim. If it does warrant the claim we will sit with you talk about all your options available and sit with you while you file the claim.
  2. We will come out and meet with your adjuster. This is the most critical time. This is where the decision is made to replace your roof or not. It is critical to have an experienced contractor present that is in good standing with insurance companies.
  3. Once you receive the “Loss Statement” or insurance break down it is important to have us look at it. We will make sure that nothing was missed, and it will tell us exactly what we are replacing.
  4. We will collect the deductible and the first insurance check just like most roofing companies and schedule the work. We will also schedule the windstorm inspection if required.
  5. Once the job is complete we will submit an invoice to you and to your insurance company for the final amount. Once the insurance company receives our invoice it usually takes 1-2 weeks to get the remaining balance. When we pick up the final payment we will have you fill out a quick survey letting us know how we did.

We Got Your Six Warranty

At 12 Bravo Construction Companies LLC our warranties are strait forward. We take great pride in our work and offer competitive warranties out of our own pocket. You don’t need to be an attorney to read our warranties because they didn’t write them! If you maintain your roof in accordance with good general maintenance and within manufactures recommendations “We Got Your Six.” (covered)

Roofing Repairs – 1 year labor and workmanship warranty on roofing repairs. We will perform a repair ability test when we look at your roof repair. If it is repairable and you follow our recommend repair then “We Got Your Six” for a year.

Roofing Replacements – 5 year labor and workmanship warranty on all roofing replacements. Its simple, call us withing 48 hours of when you first notice the leak and take all preventative measures to protect the property from further damages. If it’s our materials then “We Got Your Six.”

  • 10 Year Sure Start None Prorated Warranty
  • 10 Year Streak Fighter Warranty
  • 15 Year 110 MPH wind warranty


The most frequent question we get is “do I have to pay my deductible?” Yes – If you call your insurance company and flat out ask them if they are to pay the deductible to the insurance company or the roofing company. They will tell you the roofing company. Failing to pay the deductible can lead to insurance fraud. Once the job is complete the roofing company must give you an invoice showing what was paid and what is left. If the insurance company receives and invoice for 10k and the contractor gave you an estimate for 7k so you don’t have to pay your deductible. Now the roofing company sent a fraudulent document to your insurance company. You could be pulled into a legal mater that could cost thousands or even jail time. Also roofing companies will use substandard materials to reduce the money they lose in order to cover your deductible.

Are you insured? Yes – We hold a 1 million dollar policy even though only 500k is the minimum requirement by most cities to pull permits.

Are you licensed? No – The state of Texas and its local governments do not require roofing companies to be licensed. However, that doesn’t stop us from taking manufacture and distributor training to be the best at what we do.

Do I need an inspection from my insurance company after completion? Yes/ No – Some insurance companies will send their guys out to ensure  that the work has been completed. 

Do I need a Windstorm Inspection? Yes/No – Windstorm areas will require an inspection. We will order all the windstorm inspections if they are required. Sometimes it takes a while for TDI to update their system but your roof will be meet or exceed all windstorm inspection requirements.