Vinyl Window Installation & Replacement

12 Bravo Construction Companies LLC (12 Bravo Windows) provides quality, commercial, and residential Simonton/ Wincore window replacement. Simonton/ Wincore windows offers up to a lifetime manufactures warrantyon their product lines, and we match it with a 2 year labor warranty at no additional cost. Simonton/ Wincore windows offers just about every type, and style window to suit your needs and budget. Our installation process has proven to help make your investment hassle free.

Hassle Free and Direct Estimates

We go by the measure twice cut once rule. We will perform a measurement and verification measurement to help eliminate and errors on our end. We are fully insured and provide required inspections for insurance. We also provide the “We GOT YOUR SIX WARRANTY.”

Roofing & Weatherproofing

12 Bravo Construction Companies LLC offers roofing repairs and new installations. We have managing roofing projects in both commercial and residential since 2014. We have the repair first and replace last mentality. We offer affordable pricing with superior simple to understand warranties. We use professional grade CertianTeed products on our repairs and replacement to offer the best protection to your investment. Click here for more information…

Fiberglass, Foam, & Cellulose Insulation

We know for a fact that blow-in is the second most effective way to help reduce your homes energy consumption. Approximately 15-25% of your home or office heat gain/ loss is through the ceilings. In adequate insulation puts high demands on your HVAC system and increases your energy bills. 12 Bravo Construction Companies LLC provides cellulose and fiber glass blown-in insulation services. According to the Department of Energy the new minimum requirements for our region is R30-R60. 

James Hardie Siding Installation

12 Bravo Construction Companies LLC offers complete siding, soffit, and fascia replacements. James Hardie is the pinioneer of fiber cement siding. Resist squirrels and rodents from chewing their way in and will withstand the harsh elements of the south.We take pride in our installations and back it with a 2 year labor warranty, and Jame Hardie backs there products with a 30 year none prorated warranty. Click for additional James Hardie Information…

Painting & Drywall

We offer interior and exterior painting. We have painted just about every surface and only use quality paint that we have been using for years. We offer drywall installation and dyrwall repair. We have our own crews that work driectly for us. Making sure that you get the best possible service. 

Radiant Barrier Installation

We are in attics just during just about every weather condition. Radiant barrier coupled with the right attic ventilation can reduce your attic temperatures dramatically. This simple foil sheet traps the air between the roofing trusses and roofing deck and vents out through the top of the roof.Radiant barrier also reduces the heat transfer into your air conditioning system and ductwork. This will lower the working load of your HVAC system dramatically.

Residential & Commercial Building Automation

12 Bravo Construction Companies LLC can automate your home. We have partnered up with some of leading manufactures of home automation equipment to offer building automation. We also have partnered with local business owners to offer complete and warrantied installation of Nest Thermostat. Lock your doors, turn your lights on, and set your HVAC stem temperatures on the go.

Residential & Commercial Energy Audits

We have partnered up with Your Home Check in order to provide you with a complete energy solutions services. They can preform duck leakage testing, and home infiltration testing. This lets you know were you are losing money in your homes energy usages. We work together to identify and correct areas that may be costing you money. For more information about their services please visit their website at or call Micheal Ramsden @ 281-342-HOME

Air Conditioning and Heating Installation Services

12 Bravo Construction Companies LLC partners with C&K Mechanical LLC  (TACLA8805C). This is what sets us apart from other energy solution service providers. We know that 40% – 60% of your homes energy usage is through your HVAC system and its ductwork. They offer compete system and ductwork installation at affordable pricing. 

C&K Mechanical LLC 

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