Why are we a preferred installer for Simonton Window? Simonton has been making windows since 1981 and they have won 4 J.D. Power and associates awards. They have faster window manufacturing lead times, offer a window for every budget, and have Superior dealer support. Simonton Windows are made right here in the United States, and back their products with competitive warranties.

12 Bravo Window Installation

We also offer Wincore Windows & Doors. Although Wincore hasn’t won any prestigious awards they are one of the hidden gems of the window industry. They have high quality standards, faster lead times, and outstanding customer service to their installers. Wincore offers a 25 year glass breakage warranty as a standard on all their windows we install. Wincore windows are also made right here in the United States out of West Virginia.

We Only Select the Best Manufactures

12 Bravo Construction Companies LLC is a Veteran Owned and Operated Company. We support US based businesses and every window we buy supports families from everything from installation process to the manufacture worker.  What does all this mean to you as our customer? This means we are able to offer faster lead times with competitive pricing to fit just about any budget. If something is wrong Simonton and Wincore will work with our suppliers to help our company get any issues resolved in a timely manor. Therefor, we can offer the best customer support.

Our Process

12 Bravo Construction Construction Companies LLC has developed a process through experience since 2013 that insures faster lead times, order accuracy, and timely installation.

1) We measure windows, discuss options, and give a quote without all the high pressure sales and haggling.

2) Upon acceptance of proposal we measure windows and insure options are correct. At the same time we collect the deposit or financing agreement and order windows.

3) We wait 2-3 weeks while windows are being manufactured.

4) As soon as windows are in our warehouse we call and schedule installation appointment.

5) We install your windows and check to insure proper operation. We complete a final installation completion certificate and order necessary inspections on your behalf if required.

6) We conduct our after action review survey and collect final payment for completion of services.

Useful Information About Window Pricing

At 12 Bravo Construction Companies LLC we strive to be in the middle with our pricing. We ensure  that all of our windows are manufactures recommendations and Texas Windstorm Compliant. 

We know that if they are not installed the correctly.  You can spend thousands fixing or replacing windows because your insurance will not cover them.  DO NOT TAKE THE GAMBLE OF HIRING CHEAP INSTALLATION LABOR. Please keep in mind our price range varies on size, type, quality.

None Windstorm Area = $169.99* 

Windstorm Areas = $179.99*

*Installation prices may vary

We have included a useful link about the national price averages, and wind storm compliance below.

Home Advisor Average Price Per Window

ARE YOU IN A WINDSTORM AREA? (Just type in your address and find out what windstorm area your in)

Want to know about Texas Windstorm Requirements?  Schedule a consultation.

We Got Your Six Warranty

At 12 Bravo Construction Companies LLC our warranties are strait forward. We take great pride in our work and offer competitive warranties out of our own pocket. You don’t need an attorney to read our warranties because they didn’t write them! If you maintain your windows in accordance with the manufactures recommendations. WE GOT YOUR SIX. (covered)

Glass Breakage & Screens – We will replace your broken window for the period of 2 years after the installation (labor Only. Most carry their own glass breakage warranties). Its simple, if it was an accident we will fix it. If it was broken do to storms, vandalism, negligence then we will not cover the glass. Example, kids are playing ball in the street and the ball hits the window or your mower pops up a rock. WE GOT YOUR SIX! If there is a riot in your street and people broke your windows because they are mad, or you re-leveled your homes foundation. We can’t warranty that, however, WE STILL GOT YOUR SIX and will expedite the repair at a deeply discounted price.

Manufactures Warranties – We will help expedite any manufacture warranty by assisting you contact the manufactures or suppliers no matter a time frame from completed service. WE GOT YOUR SIX!

All of our windows will be installed according to manufactures recommendations to ensure you get the maximum warranties. If you have questions about our warranties please give us a call. If you live in a windstorm area we will order the engineering inspections for your insurance provider. All warranties are at the discretion of the owner of 12 Bravo Construction Companies LLC and are subject to a small deductible of $85 per occurrence on windows that do not carry a manufacture glass breakage warranty. We are not responsible for windows that are not square or plum due to structure shifting or settling. Our windows will be installed level and according to manufactures recommendations.