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Complete Installation Estimate

We love RUUD. Parts are readily available, and their customer service is by far the best. Which allows us to pass on good customer service. Here is what you get.

  • 10 Year Manufactures Warranties
  • 2 Year Installation Workmanship Warranty
  • ACCA approved Manual J Block Load performed on new air conditioning installations
  • RUUD Condenser
  • Install high & low pressure protection devices
  • Install condenser pad/ level
  • Install Disconnect w/ Electrical Whip
  • Install locking caps
  • Install tie down straps
  • Install filter dryer
  • Reconstruct refrigerant lines
  • Flush with R11 lineset flush
  • Install new copper insulation up to 6FT
  • Vacuum Unit
  • Charge System 
  • RUUD/ ADP Coil w/ TXV
  • Install secondary drain pan
  • Install float switch (water protection device)
  • Install/ Mount TXV / Adjust
  • Install support metal hanger support system
  • Install supply plenum metal
  • Install start collar (solid metal w/ dampers)
  • RUUD Furnace or Air Handler
  • Connect electrical connections (T-stat, power, ect)
  • Install new WiFi programmable thermostat
  • Install metal furnace Stands
  • Seal unit w/ approved mastic
  • Re-insulate accessible copper/ pvc drain lines
  • Install Honeywell 4 inch media filter
  • Install code approved gas flex line w/ sediment trap (if required)
  • Reconnect furnace vent (if required) 



 12 Bravo Construction Companies LLC is a locally, verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.  Our main focus is the home owner's needs, bringing the  whole experience to a one on one, hassle free experience. Our specialty air conditioning and heating. We hold  more than 20 certifications in our specialized fields of expertise. Not many companies can compete with our specialized training. Each of our technicians must continue to complete certifications and show proficiency in conducting HVAC repairs. We are not salesmen. We are skilled train professionals that live by our morals and values.   



$.75 - .99 per SF

We have our own machines and insulation suppliers. We are you full service HVAC and Energy Improvement specialist. Save up to $200 dollars on insulation when you combine it with an HVAC/R installation. 


$189.99 Starting Each

Most older homes we come across have undersized duct work. It isn't negligent or intentional. There just wasn't as many guidelines, and studies on air flow characteristics. Ductwork accounts for up to 30% of your units efficiency. 


12 Bravo Construction strives to maintain excellent customer service. We are not perfect, but we believe you are only as good as your last job. Perfect, smooth jobs with perfect reviews is easy. How you handle jobs that are not easy is what separates good companies from great companies. 

 "Great company would highly recommend. They were referred to me by my realtor and I am so happy they were. They came and gave me a free estimate and went over all of my concerns and explained everything to me in ways that I could understand. When the day came for them to do the work they showed up on time and hustled the whole day to get things done. I ended up have a problem with my ac a few days later when I actually was using it the first time since they cleaned it all out and I called Stephen told him of my issue and he was here in a few hours trying to fix it. There wasn't a clear way to tell what had happened to the ac unit it was a total fluke but stephen back up his companies warranty and got it fixed in the next 24 hours. It's hard to find service that now says. This company is top notch in my eyes and I would highly recommend there services."  

J. Jones (Spring, TX / Thumbtack) 



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